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Astralnaut, Renegade Tantrik, Reality Architect, Metaphysical Outlaw, and Lucid Dream Artificer.

Kevin Wikse

Kevin Wikse is an internationally acclaimed researcher and author specializing in the exo-political landscape. His insights into high strangeness, dark tourism, suppressed knowledge, the paranormal, and fringe science have captivated millions through his online articles and blog posts.

With a unique background as a circus-trained strongman, physical performer, and globally renowned martial artist, Kevin Wikse delves deep into the intricate physical-quantum mind-metaphysical connection between thought, action, and result. His groundbreaking theories continue to influence and inspire across various disciplines.

A leading authority on Lucid-Dreaming, Astral Projection, Psychoenergetics, Out of Body Experiences, Projected Consciousness, and Remote Viewing, Kevin Wikse employs advanced self-hypnosis, dream incubation, lucid-dream exploration, and consciousness projection techniques to fuel his creative projects. His expertise in these fields positions him as a pivotal figure in both current and future explorations.

As a special consultant, Wikse has lent his expertise to critical projects and incidents involving the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the White Sands Missile Base, the Sunspot Solar Observatory, and the infiltration of Epstein's Zorro Ranch. His involvement in tracking sites where children were trained as school shooters underscores his commitment to addressing the darkest facets of society.

Kevin Wikse's mastery extends to thirty years of meditation, qigong, and Daoist-based internal alchemical practices. He champions the profound benefits of Mesmerism, Animal Magnetism, and the Polyvagal theory, emphasizing parasympathetic nervous system responses.

Described as a literary head-on collision of the styles of Hunter S. Thompson and Cormac McCarthy, Kevin Wikse's works feature graphic realism, old-west themes, and an unflinching portrayal of violence. His narratives are infused with big, heaping spoonfuls of authentic occultism and supernatural elements ladled over the still bloody 72-ounce steak, painting a vivid picture of a civilization on the brink of collapse.

In 2015, Kevin Wikse began predicting the 2020 Global Pandemic, detailing the weaponized vaccine, media cover-ups, contact tracing, and China's involvement. These predictions, documented and time-stamped, are available for verification. 

UPDATE 2/22/24: His predictions began in 2014 and can be accessed HERE.

Kevin Wikse stands as the **ONLY** intuitive with the verifiable accuracy and foresight to make these claims, cementing his status as a leading figure in the field.


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Contact Kevin Wikse

Telephone: 1 (520) 307-6362


Kevin Wikse is available for consultations, collaborations, research, and investigations. Requests for anonymity and discretion will be strictly maintained.


Blogs & Websites for Kevin Wike


Blogger Profile: Kevin Wikse

Blog: Kevin Wikse Blog

YouTube: Kevin Wikse




Might & Magick

Might and Magick serves as the culminating hub for all my previous blogs, videos, and various side projects. In this swirling maelstrom of a political climate, anonymity is neither advantageous nor safe. It's time to step out of the shadows and face the beast head-on. Might & Magick is my stronghold, my fortress where I solidify and consolidate my internet presence.

This is no small task. It's an ongoing battle, a relentless pursuit to keep the signal clear and the message untainted. Here, amidst the chaos, I gather all my works, a testament to the journey, a beacon for those who dare to follow. Stay tuned, for the saga continues.


Might & Magick

In a Vulture's Shadow

Online Book/A.I. Art Project

For the past two years, I have studiously detailed a semi-fictionalized novel based on my position as an “operating consultant” in the American Southwest and parts of Northern Mexico along the US/Mexico border during the early days of the current 2024 border crisis. It was requested that I forego or significantly delay my book’s release. I reluctantly agreed to a significant delay. 

Bloodied, gritty, and disheveled, “In a Vulture’s Shadow” is a semi-fictionalized novel detailing my real-life encounters with Curanderismo, Brujería, Narco-Saint veneration, Necromancy, and Vampirism (as well as my initiations into them) while residing in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. Unflinching portrayals of authentic black magic rituals pepper its pages, including conjuration of the dead, speaking to spirits, and both astral and etheric body transformative ceremonies. 

I do not skimp on the gory details concerning the terrible ends met by Human Traffickers and pedophiles by “wrathful hands,” be they my hands or another’s. 

Rather than abandon my efforts, I will refocus and redirect them via micro-stories unconcerned with linear chronology and heavily contributing to the advancement of AI art. 


In a Vulture's Shadow

Tumblr: Kevin Wikse

Midway through 2023, the digital bureaucrats at Tumblr obliterated my popular account. The catalyst? A volatile clash ignited by my post on the perils posed by certain unsavory organizations. Amid this digital battlefield, a particularly deranged individual bombarded my inbox, spewing vile confessions and warped justifications. As I grappled with real-world responsibilities, I discovered my account had been suspended for “harassment.” The Kafkaesque irony of it all—no further explanation, just digital exile.

But now, six months later, I’m gearing up for a comeback. This time, I’m shedding the cloak of anonymity and stepping into the fray under my own name. The mission remains unaltered: to stand resolute against the corrosive ideologies and nefarious practices that threaten the fabric of our society. I am the sentinel against exploitation, extremism, and the dark tide of misinformation.

Join me in this crusade for truth and justice. Together, we’ll carve out a space for reason amidst the chaos, and actively work to dismantle the forces that seek to undermine our collective sanity. This is not just a return—this is a declaration of war!

My Tumblr.

Books, Stories & Articles

by Kevin Wikse

Kevin Wikse has authored numerous books, articles, and pieces for both online and print platforms. His works have been published in journals, magazines, and blogs and cited in academic texts. Writing primarily within the supernatural, conspiracy, occult, Americana, and horror genres, Kevin Wikse has also successfully ventured into travel and adventure writing. He is open to collaborations and creative projects of various sorts. Feel free to contact Kevin Wikse to pitch your ideas.

A complete list of available books by Kevin Wikse can be found at: 

Enchiridion Clavicula Kevinis 

Excerpts and samples of Kevin Wikse's "Fictionalized Non-Fiction" can be found at:

Dead Dog's Tale

Training & Development

Psychoenergetics: Harnessing the Power of the Mind

Psychoenergetics is a term coined within the CIA's recently declassified STARGATE project. It is most commonly used to describe the following:

  1. The effect of human-produced energy: This encompasses psychic energy, whether mental, emotional, or kinetically generated, and its impact on the environment and others, both at close range and over long distances.
  2. Methods and practices to strengthen results: These include techniques designed to amplify the efficacy of psychoenergetic practices.
  3. Cultivation of various "energies": This refers to the systematic development of different types of psychic energ.
  4. Potential applications: The uses of psychoenergetics span both military and civilian sectors.
  5. Associated phenomena: This includes astral projection, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, mental dominance, and extrasensory perception (ESP).

Kevin Wikse was introduced to the tenets of psychoenergetics at a young age through his recruitment into the CHERIBUM project. CHERIBUM, which likely still exists under a new designation, tested and utilized school children's psychic and remote viewing capabilities. Kevin Wikse believes that CHERIBUM emerged from earlier psychic-occult experiments involving "child-seers," as suggested by John Dee and Edward Kelly, conducted in Southern California (Chino, CA) from the early '80s to the mid-'90s.

In recent years, the use of psychoenergetics has been co-opted by marketing tactics promoting highly questionable new-age self-healing modalities. Nearly all these neo-self-help applications of psychoenergetics are simply rebranded versions of failed self-hypnosis and visualization techniques. This contrasts sharply with the military-grade mind control methods, multiple-personality creation (magical personality), and thought-inspection methods insidiously developed and/or refined through the atrocities of MK-Ultra. These techniques were integrated into PSY-WAR programs such as STARGATE, DOORWAY, GRILL FLAME, and offshoots like CHERIBUM.

In his mid-40s, Kevin Wikse made a pivotal decision. He chose to further his re-weaponization of psychoenergetic training procedures, which had been deep-seeded into his developing consciousness for nefarious purposes, to now serve humanity's highest good.

Blog: Real Psychoenergetics


Old Haunted Temple
Kevin Wikse's Martial Arts Repository

A Martial Arts blog of certain distinction...

It's not just the thirty-plus years of martial arts training that make Kevin Wikse an unparalleled authority on combative techniques, but the direct, applied experience of those years in real-world situations. Serving as an ideological enforcer for various, often interconnected patrons has afforded him an exciting life, but not without significant consequences.

Now, at 46, with many of his former employers either having passed away or "aged to perfection" (i.e., not long for this world), Kevin Wikse finds himself less constrained by the repercussions of speaking openly about the who, what, when, and where of it all.

Kevin Wikse invites you to benefit from his diminishing moral quandaries. He reveals what was once, and still might be, sensitive information regarding the possibility of hyperconnected intelligence agency-run domestic operations embedded within neighborhood watch programs, local law enforcement, youth groups, public and private schools, and the myriad of competing factions within the CIA. All this behind the facade of an innocent-looking martial arts blog, the Old Haunted Temple.

But it's all fiction, right? Sure...whatever makes you feel better.

Well, anyway, enjoy the ramblings of a man who has legitimately torn flesh with techniques like mantis, tiger, and eagle claw. He has used the "heart-stopping palm" for its namesake and made one potential target so terrified of his ability to crack a coconut with a palm strike that the individual took to wearing a football helmet, just in case Kevin Wikse came up behind him with a poised hand.

CIA 101: Never bring a weapon to a proximity job; if you **are** a weapon, you will **always** be armed.

Blog: Old Haunted Temple

The Life & Times of Kevin Wikse
Boise, Idaho 

As far as principal cities of the Pacific Northwest go, Boise, ID, is currently less a Marxist liberal shithole overrun by violent and mentally ill homeless drug addicts devaluing everything they touch than, say, Seattle and Portland but give it a few years. Despite its Moxie Java feel, whimsy charm, and late 90s Portland-esqe quirkiness, Boise is unfortunately on that steep Democratic-run city decline. North End Boise is decidedly the location of the commie impact zone and will have all the "City of Trees" circling the void by 2028.

Until the inevitable, Kevin Wikse plots his climb to the top of the incoming tent city metropolis's political ladder. Kevin Wikse is a true visionary. He knows one day soon, amidst the chaos of the Red Threat invasion and the shifting of Earth's magnetic poles, a historic dust-up for power will occur in Boise's Quilted Northern version of Mad Max meets Gangs of New York. Kevin Wikse will roar triumphantly on that day, his bloodied and bruised knuckles thrusting skyward. He alone shall wear the patchwork crown. Hobo town will know its first and greatest mayor!

Follow along as Kevin Wikse haphazardly documents his life and times in Boise, Idaho. 

Media Project: TikTok

Pandaddy & Friends.

By Kevin WIkse

In June 2023, Kevin Wikse launched his "Pandaddy6" TikTok profile as an unrestrained exercise in free-flow creativity. From the moment of its inception, everything about this profile—from its name to its current state—has been deliberately unplanned. This artistic experiment in unchained potential has birthed a variety of characters that serve as reflections, social commentaries, and satires, all while revealing the core of Kevin Wikse's psychic center.

As the world of Pandaddy begins to solidify, the creative force behind it will inevitably take a more defined form. However, this process is designed to remain fluid and responsive to sudden inner drives and external stimuli beyond Kevin Wikse's control. This dynamic approach ensures that Pandaddy6 continues to evolve in unexpected and thought-provoking ways.

Remote Viewing & Influencing
Psychic Warfare is Real

Kevin Wikse is the lead operative of the REDACTED, a shadowy entity that operates in the unseen realms of intelligence and counterintelligence. He oversees and directs the REDACTED's operational activities, meticulously crafting the strategies and tactics employed by the organization. Wikse’s career began under extraordinary circumstances; as a child, he was inducted into the clandestine Project CHERUBIM, a program designed to harness psychic and mediumistic abilities for intelligence purposes.

Within the UFO community, Kevin Wikse is known as an experiencer and a generational abductee, bringing a unique perspective and expertise to his work. His prowess as a Remote Viewer and Remote Influencer is unmatched, earning him global recognition and respect. Wikse's deep understanding of Metaphysicsm, Psychoenergetics, and his remarkable accuracy have made him a trusted advisor to government officials, private researchers, and industry leaders.

His predictive work is particularly notable. Kevin Wikse's longstanding and precise forecasts regarding the 2020 Global Pandemic, the ensuing vaccines, lockdown-specific technologies, and protocols, as well as the resultant civil unrest, are meticulously documented. These accomplishments underscore his unparalleled ability to navigate and influence the complex web of modern geopolitical and metaphysical landscapes.

Remote Viewing & Influencing Blog: Psychic Warfare is Real 

Prophet of the Apocalypse? 
Predictions of disasters Past, Present & Future!

Kevin Wikse is the only Remote Viewer and Occult Researcher to have predicted the COVID-19 bio-weapon release, weaponized DNA-altering vaccines, and the rollout of a pre-planned medical tyranny of 2020. In 2015, Wikse began a series of routine consults that hinted at a planet-wide event involving a purposely released engineered disease aimed at global depopulation.

In the years leading up to 2020, Wikse accurately identified Bill Gates and China as significant players in this unfolding scenario. He forecasted the emergence of medical tracking using smart devices, vaccine passports, lockdowns, and the manipulation of health services as imminent threats. Moreover, he correctly predicted that COVID-19 would play a crucial role in the 2020 election.

Earlier this year, in 2023, Wikse predicted another planned release of an engineered disease, potentially a modified Marburg/Ebola or Malaria, designed to scare the public back into lockdown.

Kevin Wikse has long warned about the upcoming 2030 pole shift and accurately foretold that the Chinese military would initiate a "silent" invasion, blending in with the thousands of immigrants pouring through the US/Mexico border, and employing the cartels as mercenaries.

Wikse's unparalleled predictive accuracy and deep understanding of metaphysical and geopolitical landscapes place him at the forefront of remote viewing and occult research. His insights continue to provide invaluable guidance to those navigating these complex and dangerous times.

Blogs: Kevin Wikse predicts Covid-19 (and other disasters past, present, and future) & Missing411rvp

Vimana Science & Tantra
Vimana Shastra Tantra Sookshm Ka

Vimana Shastra Tantra Sookshm Ka: "Aeronautical Navigation of the Astral Realm via the Divine Vehicle" is an ancient Tantra hidden within the Vimanika Shastra. By Lord Shiva's divine grace, Kevin Wikse is among the few individuals allowed to receive transmission of this tantra. Vimana Shastra Tantra Sookshm Ka serves to aid one in building their astral vimana and potentially aligning themselves spiritually and morally with a vimana already in existence, waiting for a pilot worthy of it.

Vimana Shastra Tantra Sookshm Ka employs rigorous body, mind, and spirit training routines to construct and pilot the vimana, a sacred flying vehicle for contacting divine entities, exploring other realities, and combating evil forces invading one's personal and Earth's collective astral air space. The pilot training includes physically demanding exercises and focused internal alchemical procedures.

Within Vimana Shastra Tantra Sookshm Ka, Kevin Wikse is an avatar of Adhyantha Prabhu, the combined deictic forces of Lord Ganpati and Lord Hanuman, to clear the way for Shiva consciousness and re-establish the ideological codes of Raghava Rama.

Blog: Astral Defense Force Recruitment Division 

Arcanum, Metaphysics & Esoterism 
The Greater & Lesser Keys of Solomon

Kevin Wikse is a highly sought-after authority on the topics, procedures, and protocols concerning lucid dreaming, Consciousness Projection, Qigong, Energy Work, Mesmerism, and Remote Viewing. Born with a predisposition toward mysticism and through auspicious circumstances, Kevin Wikse learned and developed his methodologies at the feet of Adeptus masters from Mexico, China, Japan, India, and most notably, Haiti.

Kevin Wikse is recognized and has received the following initiations:

  • Palero or Priest of Palo Mayombe.
  • Crowned priest of Puerto Rican/Dominican Voudo and Sanse or "The 7 mysteries and 21 commissions under God." 
  • Bokor of the Makaya Society of Haiti and the Petro Loa rite.
  • Adeptus of Ceremonial Magic and master of the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon, The Grimorium Verum, The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum, The Arbatel, The Book of Oberon, and The Book of Faust, in particular, the Black Raven.
  • 3rd Degree  High Priest of Wicca.
  • Linage hold of Vimana Shastra Tantra Sookshm Ka. 

 Blog: The Magic of Solomon


Vimana Vajra Baguazhang
Martial Arts

Kevin Wikse is one of few modern-day masters of Baguazhang who consistently applies his martial Baguazhang skills in real-world situations. He began learning Chinese martial arts over thirty years ago. Kevin Wikse gained legitimate skills in Southern Dragon, Hung Gar, Lama Pai, Southern Mantis, and Monkey—however, Baguazhang and Xingiyiquan reign supreme. With Baguazhang, in his opinion, being the most profound.

As a Martial Art and method of self-preservation, Baguazhang is ferocious. The rigorous study and practice of Baguazhang were mandatory for both palace guards and the emperor's bodyguards in China. Concerning self-cultivation, Baguazhang's signature training, known as "circle walking," is a highly effective full-body exercise that integrates the right and left-brain hemispheres, positively affects the lymphatic, endocrine and parasympathetic systems, tones all muscles, increases endurance, and gently stretches tendons and ligaments.

Kevin Wikse's personal Baguazhang(Vimana Vajra Baguazhang) is the accumulated result of dedicated study and practice of the following Baguazhang schools:

Yin Fu Baguazhang via Dr. Xie Pieqi's lineage.

Yin Fu Baguazhang Piercing Palm/Fighting forms. 

9 Palace Baguazhang via Cheng Ting Hua's lineage. 

8 Daoist Immortals Baguzhang Fighting set. 

Blog: Vimana Vajra Baguazhang

Dream Warrior
Weaponized Lucidity

Dream Warrior is a gateway to authentic methods of dream realization and building the habitual dream awareness you need to become lucid in your dreams regularly. Within **Dream Warrior**, Kevin Wikse brings to light the nearly lost methodologies of specific dream incubation, the "form assumption" process, and the intricate development of the dream body.

Kevin Wikse provides detailed accounts of different "dream terrains" and the techniques to stave off premature waking from the dream, ensuring a deep and meaningful exploration of the dream world.

In addition to these foundational practices, Dream Warrior delves into the "great attainments" of the Art of Lucid Dreaming. These include:

  1. 1. Bridging the worlds: Creating connections between the dream and waking realities.
  2. Artificing**: Crafting and manipulating dream objects and environments.
  3. Prophecy: Gaining insights and foresight through dreams.
  4. Dissection and vivisection: Analyzing and understanding dream elements.
  5. Implantation and infiltration: Embedding ideas and exploring the dreamscapes of others.
  6. Escape: Mastering the art of exiting dream scenarios.
  7. Soul retrieval: Recovering lost aspects of oneself through dreams.
  8. Construction and deconstruction: Building and dismantling dream structures.
  9. Hunting and lifeforce integration: Pursuing power and integrating it into your being.

Kevin Wikse's Dream Warrior is a comprehensive guide to mastering the dream world, offering both ancient wisdom and practical techniques for modern dreamers.

Weaponized Lucidity: Dream Warrior

The Art Work of Kevin Wikse

Kevin Wikse is among the last of a rapidly dying breed. A man of the renaissance, a physical culturalist, a warrior-poet, and a master of the arcane. He sculpts the fantastic, shaping the astral clay into dizzying fractal arrangements and prismatic sprays with a keen sense of social commentary. A double-barrel shotgun of occultism fuels Kevin Wikse's craft.

Whether through decades of consultations with Angels and Demons from the Greater and Lesser Key of Solomon or as a medium for the wild revolutionary spirits of Voudou, Kevin Wikse channels raw, untamed forces. The artwork of Kevin Wikse always leaves an impact with multiple exit wounds, each piece a testament to his mastery of the esoteric and his unflinching gaze into the chaotic heart of the supernatural.

Art Projects by Kevin Wikse

All the artwork and photographs I display here are uniquely mine and my creation. Unless my permission is clearly given, I do not authorize their use by anyone

-Kevin Wikse

A.I. Art Projects by Kevin Wikse
Creative experimentation with intelligence, artificial or otherwise. 

"Good artists imitate, great artists steal, but exceptional artists smack A.I. on the ass and say, "Get to work, baby." 

-Kevin Wikse

Pipe Dreams with Hunter Biden by Kevin Wikse
A Template & A.I. Art explorative-collaborative

Pipe Dreams is a "template & A.I. Art explorative-collaborative. The parameters for this project are as follows. One picture is selected as the template (Hunter Biden smoking a crack pipe in a bathtub provided by "The Sun" News Outlet). This template is the only creative input for an AI art generator. No prompts. I do not pick or choose. I accept the results "as is," and I use all available genres. 

Hunter Biden is the smartest guy Joe Biden has ever met. That's not saying a lot coming from a man who has been caught numerous times lying, plagiarizing, and cheating, embarrassingly stupidly so, his way through all avenues of life.

Hunter and I don't have much in common. Respectfully, I am far more responsible with my laptop. My consumption of crack cocaine and other methamphetamine holds steady as "social," and videos of me engaged in sexual acts, deviant or otherwise, do not feature my underage cousin or Chinese child prostitutes. Speaking of Chinese child prostitutes, neither am I being blackmailed or under heavy extortion from the Chinese Government. Lastly, Jeffery Epstein is unlikely to be my actual biological father.

That being said, Hunter and I do share a unique commonality. We are both highly talented artists. Our artwork commands upwards of 225k from shady, nebulous, anonymous buyers who are certainly NOT fronts for intelligence agencies, foreign countries, and political donors using art sales for money laundering. No sir! 

Gila Monster and Cactus Flower: Tucson

Gila Monster and Cactus Flower are outlaws. Seeking shelter from two-legged scorpions, they found each other inside a derelict trailer. Renegade artists with a knack and perchance for violence. They notched their victories with cactus needles on each other's skin. Two volcanic hearts, each housing an incendiary soul. In the end, they buried their secrets in the sand. The skeletons of their union entwined in eternal embrace. With the task finished, they parted ways. It's rumored neither one looked back. Something each shall forever regret.

-Kevin Wikse

Digital Art Projects by Kevin Wikse

The artwork and photographs I display here are uniquely mine and my creation. Unless my permission is clearly given, I do not authorize their use by anyone. 

-Kevin Wikse

Post Cards from the Apocalypse

The 12th seal of Revelation is shattered, and the world is on the brink of extradimensional annihilation. Archon-inspired Armageddon looms large, casting long shadows over our fragile existence. Yet, amid this cosmic chaos, the pulse of tourism refuses to die. Even as the apocalypse whispers in our ears, the siren song of new destinations and untold experiences remains irresistible.

In the eerie glow of an uncertain future, there’s still time for one last adventure, one final snapshot, a journey into the heart of the unknown. The world might be spiraling into the abyss, but the allure of far-off places and uncharted cultures persists, a beacon of hope in the encroaching darkness. Tourism, it seems, will persevere, driving economies forward, even as the fabric of reality frays around us.

So pack your bags and grab your cameras. The end times are here, but that’s no reason to miss out on the adventure of a lifetime.

-Kevin Wikse

Nikola Tesla: Bolt Thrower

Intuitively, I have always seen Nikola Tesla in the image of the Buddhist bodhisattva Vajrapani. Nikola Tesla held the thunderbolt in defense of humanity, and through studying this elevated human, he brings us enlightenment, collectively and individually.

-Kevin Wikse

Play Dead

I've always had this powerful inclination to link dogs and the dead. A dog's sense of smell, sniffing out bodies and digging up bones. Just as a dog's loyalty to its master is not so easily shaken, our addiction to vices and the flesh is neither. Guarding the thresholds of both heaven and hell are dogs of various masters—good dogs like Saint Guinefort and Saint Christopher the Dod-headed. Hounds of hell, such as Cerberus and the black dog of Lord Bhairava, Shvan, treading alongside his master through the charnel grounds and all the liminal spaces in between.

-Kevin Wikse

Grimorium Verum: Blood in the Void

The art laid bare in the Grimorium Verum is not felt merely in your mind but stirs deep in your guts. Unquestionably infernal, the searing fires of Hell give a dim illumination to the dark of the Sheol. Here the black arts transcend dry bones and cold earth. Pulsating through your veins and brought to a boil in your balls. The Grimorium Verum is blood-soaked soil, poisons both fatal and medicinal, and violent animation of the once dead and inert.

-Kevin Wikse

Pwetro Loa Voodu: Shed of Rebellion

Haiti's Pwetro Loa are spirits of fire, wild impulse, and violent upheaval. A bestial instinct whose progenitor was cosmic rage. The Pwetro came screaming to earth to the Voodoo ceremony at Bwa Kayiman in a male storm of boiling blood and white-hot anger. However, for all their savagery, inside the charred earth of their crash sites and footsteps, fresh new life sprouts—renewal in the wake of the rebellion.

-Kevin Wikse

Kevin Wikse

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